Proposal: Macro Group for Posting Example Macros


We are now fortunate to have quite a few members who post macros in response to someone else’s request. I’d like to make a suggestion, a proposal really, concerning this.

Proposal for Macro Group for Examples

I’d propose we use a Macro Group name something like this for uploading example macros:

z[Examples by <YourForumName>]

so, for example, for me that would be:
z[Examples by JMichaelTX]

[just changed above based on my developing thoughts below].

Most of you are already using something similar, using a MG name like “Playground”, “Test”, etc. to avoid conflict with the end-user’s Groups. This is great but it doesn’t clearly reveal the name of the macro owner.

I have been using [Examples] for about a year now, but have just changed it to include my forum name.

If we had a consensus on naming convention, then it would be very useful for both newer end-users, and ourselves as well. It would be very convenient to see in the KM Editor MG list something like this:

[Examples by ccstone]
[Examples by ComplexPoint]
[Examples by gglick]
[Examples by JMichaelTX]
[Examples by peternlewis]
[Examples by Tom]

I just realized that this format, starting with a “[”, will cause all of these to sort near the top of the MG list, which most of us probably don’t want. We want our own stuff at the top.

So, maybe something like:
z[Examples by <ForumName>]

I’m very open to the naming convention. I’d just like for us to develop a consensus on one.

Your thoughts?

So, to get the ball rolling, I’ll create a poll:

Poll: Do You Want a Common Naming Convention?

(This would be optional. Each member can still choose their own convention.)

  • [YES] Let’s Develop a Common Naming Convention for Macro Group of Example Macros.
  • [NO] Let Each Member decide His/Her Macro Group Name

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Guidelines—and stricter things like rules—merely become barriers to entry as they make it harder for people to feel welcome, comfortable, and confident their posts are well-written (in the sense of being thorough). All told, guidelines and rules encourage conformity more than inclusion. On top of that, there are plenty of people here for whom English is a second language, so guidelines like these merely add complication for them.


forum = bazaar ≠ cathedral


I am against grouping examples by name simply because I don’t care who made the macro. I only care what it does and I like group things accordingly.

That is not to say I am not thankful or appreaciative to the person who shared his work. Just knowing who made it, adds 0 value to me. Also most developers like @ccstone add comments to macros specifying the author.