ProTools: Detect Muted Clips

Has anyone figured out - or has an idea, how i could detect a muted clip ?


I have at least two ideas for solutions. But I'd like to know what you mean. Do you mean a video clip with no sound? Or do you mean a video clip with sound but macOS is currently muted? Or do you mean an audio clip with no sound? There are various different ways to interpret your question. Each one may have a different answer.

Bit late answer...

Select the clip, then check (if then else) the Menu item. If it says UNMUTE then it is muted. If it says MUTE then it is unmuted. If it greyed out it is a fade.

Sorry for the very late reply.

I meant muted Audio Clip.

The idea is ... At the end of a project - when archiving - to delete all muted clips from the timeline.