Protools: Select tracks with group buttons. (I want to do the stem bounce automatically.)


I'm using Protools for sound mixing.
My English is not very good and I may not be able to explain well, but please help me.

So I am often asked to do stem bounces for each track.
I wanted to do this automatically while I was asleep, so I set up a macro in KM. It works fine, but I have one complaint.

As you can see in the attached image, when I group tracks that I want to do stem bounce, and click the arrow part of the image with "Click found image", the grouped tracks are selected and I can solo them by pressing "Shift + S". This is how I bounce each track, but sometimes the click on the arrow is not recognized. I can use the hot key "p & ;" to move tracks around, but I don't want to use it too much because there may be an auxTrack.

Also, I would like to move multiple sessions and do the bouncing process automatically. In that case, the number of stem mixes will change, so I have created a macro to create 15 stem mixes uniformly for any session. (I'm adjusting this by grouping empty tracks and creating empty stem mixes.)
Is it possible to create a macro that says, "When I finish recognizing the images in this group list, I will close the session"? I tried to do conditional branching, but I gave up because of the huge number of conditional branches when there are 15 groups.

Can anyone give me some ideas?

Ryo I think first you have to go to tracks menu and select show only audio tracks

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 17.19.29

After that select all tracks, press alt + shift then right click, and select bounce.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 17.22.28

It will bounce each one, if you have those audio tracks in a folder, and also select the folder it will bounce the folder as a group stem. Hope it helps.

Thank you, juanjosalazar.

I hadn't thought of using only audio tracks.
Good idea. I'll divide them into folders and bounce them all.
It's also a great idea to create a stem for each folder.

I'd appreciate it if you could point out if I'm interpreting something wrong.
I can't get the reverb to be reflected in the stem this way, can I?
This is a problem with the way I have my routing set up.

I'm sending the reverb and delay via aux send from each instrument.
I'm assuming I'd have to create a reverb for each instrument if I did it this way.
So I'd have to select the track and press solo.
At that point, I group each stem. In some cases, there are auxiliary tracks in between the tracks, so I can't use the ";" on the keyboard to solo them in order.
I use "find and click image" on the group list to click and select each track, then "shift + S" to solo it.
However, in very rare cases when I click on this image, the image is not recognized.
I want to find the image and stop clicking.

However, if I only use the audio track when creating stems, I may be able to avoid this method.
Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Ryo,
I suggest that you duplicate each fx for any group of tracks (reverb delay for any family, drums, bass, guitars, keys, vocals), it can be heavier on the CPU but it will be better with your stems workflow.
I think this is the best method, and don't have to use KM

As an example

That way I can bounce the DRUM folder at the left as the complete DRUM stem with fx included, if I want a dry stem I just need to mute those green fx channels.

I think you have to avoid the "p" and ";"
If you share your aux reverb and delay add them to each of your groups.

However, in very rare cases when I click on this image, the image is not recognized.
It happens also for me in pro tools, i had to restart KM.

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 22.01.57
Did you check display and put the slide at the right (it will show you what is clicking KM).

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