Protools Track Delete ShortCut, I Don't Get Any Alerts

I wanted to use a macro to delete tracks in Protools.
I wanted to use a macro to delete tracks in Protools, so I went to KM's "Select or Show Menu Item" and clicked "Delete...". I've created a macro called
However, with this method, Protools normally alerts me if there are any clips left when I delete a track, but it doesn't alert me and deletes the track even if there are clips left.

Is there a solution to this problem, or do I need to set something in KM?

Thank you for your time.



I replicated what you did but I can't confirm. Same behaviour from macro as choosing "Delete..." directly from PT's menu or context menu.

Are you sure you are deleting the same track with both methods?
PT deletes the track that is currently selected (= white label)

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How are you triggering the macro?

My guess is you are using a hot key, and one of the modifiers in the hot key affects Pro Tools behaviour when deleting tracks.

If so, change the modifiers for your hot key, or include a Pause Until action with the Type Modifiers action at the start of the macro to pause until you have released the hot key modifiers before selecting the Delete menu.

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To the two people who replied.

Thank you for reading.
"Shift + Cntrol + option + command →"
I had registered this as a macro.

It's my ignorance.
In Protools, you can hold down Option while deleting tracks.
It seems that there was a function to delete a track in Protools without an alert if it is executed while holding down Option.
I was careless. I'm sorry...

Thank you for the solution.

Thank you very much for the solution.