Public web triggers

I use integromats and zapier to automate parts of my business.

Integromats allows me to do post/get requests. Can I use integromats to trigger a macro?

Hi Byrein,

I think you should look at Remote Triggers. It is explained and discussed further in this forum thread.

Hope this helps.


will check it out! Thank you

Hey everyone, I'm supposedly trying to do the same as Byrein. I want zapier to trigger a macro with dynamic parameters coming from another service. The macro gets triggered successfully, but my TriggerValue still holds old data. i.e. it is not updated on a new GET request.
Is there anything I misunderstood?

Did you have success in using the Remote Triggers?

so it turns out I was using the payload from %TriggerValue% wrong when I split it into different variables.
This helped me understand what was going wrong: Can i use a Variable within a Variable [Dynamic Variable Name] to paste a text? - #2 by JMichaelTX

Also, I stumbled across a macro to delete old variables which was a great help:

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I use integromats and I use the HTTP module - I simply to GET "remotetrigger"/TriggervalueIwanttosend - Zapier should have a http get action - if not. I recommend integromats - cheaper and better overall. So glad I made the switch. like MUCH cheaper.