Pull Stock Quote from URL?

I'm not sure why you want to use a Stream Deck for this purpose, but since you asked, I would use any one of numerous tools that provide real-time update of an equity watch list. My favorite is ThinkOrSwim, which works great on both the Mac and iOS devices. Of course, TOS has to be connected to a brokerage that supports it. I use, and love, TDAmeritrade.

For example, this is from my iPhone 8+ sitting on my desk on a wireless charging stand:


The columns are completely configureable, and the watchlist syncs among all of your devices that use TOS.

He's being creative and I'm proud of him for that. I also found it educational because now I understand better what that device can do, just from seeing his picture.

I know, the realtime nature of the Steam Deck is very interesting now that KM supports it. I already have a digital clock, email notification, Nest Alert and calendar started for KM / Steam Deck buttons. I know I can use other programs, but hey... getting some extra use of my StreamDeck. :slight_smile:

It looks like the code you provided no longer works (at least in my button)... It use to work great, I could grab lastsale, precent and netchange and put them in a variable with no problem.

Can you explain the last two lines of code? Maybe I can find the solution if I better understand what is happening. :slight_smile:

thanks again for you help!

If you are referring to his code:

I can probably correctly explain it, the first half of that means

extract only the lines that contains "qwisget_lastsale"

and the second half means

delete all these strings: </div> and, essentially, delete all the strings that end in '>'

I presume doing those things extracts the pieces of data that you needed. Explaining why he used those extractions is a more complicated question. Basically, he's probably just stripping out the HTML.

Beware that many websites (so we're told) attempt to thwart this kind of data extraction and they frequently change their code so that this sort of thing needs to be fixed from time to time.