Question: How To Copy Recipient First Names from New Microsoft Outlook Message & Paste into "Hey (First Name/s)" Format?

Hey guys,

I am looking to be able to:
Compose a new email in Microsoft Outlook
Place names into the "To:" field

Then, in the body of the email, I want to be able to fire this macro off where it will pull the first names of all of recipient/s in the "To:" field and paste them in a "Hey (First Name/s Here" Format.

If there is only one recipient, paste into a "Hey First Name," format.

If multiple, separate each by a comma.

Any guidance would be really appreciated, thanks!


The problem is going to be extracting the first names from Outlook's "To" tokens. How do you extract a first name from N. Jones < or Maria Elena Portentia <>?

Where are these addresses coming from? If it's a contact list, database, or similarly "structured data" you are almost certainly better off doing it the other way -- gather your data then put the address(es) in the "To" field and the first name(s), which are hopefully already in their own field, in the body.

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