[Question] How to create clickable link to local file and store in Workflowy

I’ve fiddled with this for over an hour and can’t figure it out—any help would be appreciated.

PURPOSE: store links to local files in Workflowy outlines that can open these files from within Workflowy.

To ADD a clickable link of local file to Workflowy outline …
This macro would be initiated in FINDER
Store file name on local drive to clipboard in pathname format:

  • From the Finder, right click on file to link
    from right click menu, press Option. Then select “Copy [file] as pathname” (near bottom of list).
  • This stores the filename in the proper format to the clipboard
  • Go to Workflowy
  • create blank outline node where you want to place the link
  • Paste

To Open file link from Workflowy:
This macro would be invoked from within Chrome, Safari or Firefox

  • copy pathname in Workflowy to clipboard
  • Go To Finder > Go > Go to Folder
  • Paste contents of clipboard
  • Return
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If you have an item selected in the Finder, you can put the path to it (in "POSIX" format, which is what Copy [file] as pathname does) with the actions:

For Each.kmactions (1.0 KB)

Go to Workflowy is presumably just an Activate a Specific Application action.

I don't know Workflowy, so I don't know how you “create blank outline node where you want to place the link”.

Paste action will paste the resulting entry.

Given a path (again in POSIX format) in the clipboard, you can reveal the item in the Finder with:

If you are referring to the web site/app WorkFlowy, then you will not be able to open a file directly from a WorkFlowy (or any other web page) link, due to browser security precautions.

What you can do is almost as good:

  1. Select the file path in Workflowy
  • This must be a POSIX path, not a hyperlink
  • If you try to make a file URL into a web page hyperlink, it will change the URL so that it does not work.
  1. Run a KM Macro that
  2. Copies the path to the clipboard
  3. Uses the KM "Open" action to open in the file path in its default app

Dragging up this old thread because I wonder if it's worth another look now that KM has Remote Triggers and Public Web Triggers.

Although I'm not using WorkFlowy, I have a similar use case. I'd like to link to documents on my file system from applications like Apple Pages and PDF Expert. These don't support file:// links but do support http(s):// web links. So I wonder if there's a way for KM to create https:// links that, in turn, trigger macros that will open (or reveal in finder) a file whose path is contained in the query string.