Question: Strange behavior

So the primary reason I bought KM was to make my Zoom experience easier. There are things I often need to do (raise hand, etc) in meetings that required navigating menus in the app and it just sucked.

I wrote a few KM shortcuts that seem to work most of the time.

Specifically, I have a few shortcuts that trigger actions (showing I'm away/returned, waving, thumbs up, etc). I hit the keyboard trigger or button on my Stream Deck and the action happens. That works well.

Here's the problem I've had, and this is specific to Zoom. For context, I am running an 2017 Mac with the current OS and have an external monitor and webcam for my Zoom meetings.

Problem: when navigating the window with my mouse, I'll scroll over the reactions area on the meeting window and it will start going nuts. Sometimes it says I'm away, sometimes it raises my hand, I've even had it close the meeting.

I have no idea what I've managed to do here, but I'd say that this occurs in at least 2/3 to 3/4 of the Zoom meetings I host or am participating in. I have no idea what I've managed to do wrong, but its like it goes nuts.

I can see about screenshooting the KM macro if it would be helpful.

Anyone else have issues like or with this?

KM macros trigger because of something -- have you used anything other than hotkey triggers?

See here on how to post your macro to the Forum -- I always use the "Manual Upload" instructions. Posting them for review really is the quickest and easiest way to get help.

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  1. You have a macro already running and it is pausing or otherwise delated and then it is doing something.
  2. You are triggering a macro.

Macros that are running will show as the icon in the status menu will be animating, and the macros will show in the Cancel submenu in the status menu, or you can Start Debugging (in the status menu) and then see the macros that are currently executing), which would also show any macro that was triggered.

The Interactive Help in the Keyboard Maestro Help menu would also show what any macros are triggered.

All I just wanted to follow up.

The issue was I had the events set to be triggered by both a keyboard command and, somehow, by activating the app. After posting this and going back to KM, reading the responses, and getting in Zoom again, I figured it out.

Thank you!

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