Quick Journal Note in Evernote

Another quickie in my quest to convert my AppleScript to KM.

-- Make a quick journal entry in the right notebook with some tags
if application "Evernote" is running then
  tell application "Evernote"
    activate -- bring Evernote to the fore
    set tagList to {"Journal Entry", "Quick Note"}
    set creationDate to ((the current date) as string)
    set newJournalEntry to create note title creationDate notebook "_Journal" tags tagList with text ""
    open note window with newJournalEntry
  end tell
  display dialog "Evernote is not running!" -- report failure quickly, rather than try to start Evernote
end if

Nice macro for Evernote. I have had several of these for a while. Works well.

An idea for you: Put the EN tags and NB in KM vars, and use a KM Prompt for user input action, set to the desired default values.

This would allow you to use the same macro in a wide variety of cases with more flexibility.

I do that stuff with the EN Clipper, but there’s no built in, fast way to shove something into Evernote and move on. In the GTD theme of things, I’m dumping to my EN inbox, then processing that periodically. This is just about speed.

Yep, I do most clipping using the EN Web clipper. I find after a while it gets pretty smart at auto-selecting the NB and Tags, so I have little-to-no cleanup later.
You can set a hot-key to invoke the EN Clipper, so I find it pretty fast.

I agree, but if you use the clipper, it goes to the Evernote server, and back down to your computer. I have more lag, so I wrote that.