QuickBooks – Enter Everything but the Amount in a Transaction, Wait for Input, and Continue

Okay, so I'm entering a bunch of transactions in QuickBooks. Let's say I'm paying a bunch of utility bills. The gas company is a monthly bill, but it's always a different amount. Everything else is the same: the name of the utility, the category, etc. How can I get KM to enter everything except the amount with one macro? Typically I would want the macro to begin by pasting in the name of the payee in the first field, then tab to the amount field where I would manually enter the amount paid (which is the one "variable" in this macro), then tab to the category field and enter the correct category. The main question is, how do I make the macro wait for me to enter the amount and then continue on with the rest of the macro? I just don't want to create two separate macros. I want it only to wait for my input and then continue. I started trying to use the Named Clipboard Switcher here, but I think there must be a much more simple and elegant solution. And I think it will involve the Prompt For User Input Action (or I hope it will, as I want to start learning about that action in a real situation).

I'm sure after I learn the very simple answer to this question that I will be inspired to apply the principle to a myriad of other situations. But thanks in advance for any help.

Hey there! The Prompt for User Input is indeed a good way to do this. The way I have it configured below will allow you to simply press the Return key to continue with the macro. Escape key will cancel it.

You could also use a pause until action, and use modifier keys to continue with the macro. That action I have configured to pause until ⌃⌥⌘ modifiers are pressed, timing out after 30 seconds.

Check them out and see if they work for your case use!


Prompt for User Input Action (v10.0.1)

Prompt for User Input.kmactions (803 B)

Pause macro and wait for user input to continue Macro (v10.0.1)

Pause macro and wait for user input to continue.kmmacros (1.8 KB)

I would have KM fill in all of the appropriate fields, then return to the amount field and then end. That way the macro can end cleanly and the cursor is ready for you to start typing numbers. No pausing needed.

Hey @Polyvox,

I like @cdthomer's suggestion of using a Prompt for User Input action.

Enter your amount at the start of the macro, and let Keyboard Maestro insert all of the values.

Here's what I'd try first:

QuickBooks – Automatically Fill In Payment Information v1.00.kmmacros (6.6 KB)
Keyboard Maestro Export

If the consolidated Insert Text by Typing action doesn't work properly, you can use several of them and adjust the timing.

You could also try the Insert Text by Pasting action which might be a little faster.