Quicken 2017 for Mac Macros

Here are some macros that I find useful for Quicken 2017 for Mac. If you use them, they will need to be modified for your setup. The window name in some steps will need to be changed to that of your Quicken file. In the macros that click in the sidebar, the vertical mouse pixel number will need to be adjusted for the line you are trying to hit. The screenshot snippets used in the image steps may need to be re-taken on your display. And the fuzziness slider in the image steps will probably need to be adjusted. No guarantee of suitability or usability is offered

Quicken 2017 Macros.kmlibrary (745.9 KB)

These macros are useful to assign keyboard shortcuts to functions in QM2017 that normally require mouse clicks. Here's a brief description of each:

Select Checking Account: selects an account in the sidebar (can be modified for any account)

Multiply by 1.0x: Simulates the QuickMath function that was available in QM2007

Select All Banking: Selects the all banking register in the sidebar (vertical pixels will need to be modified for your file)

Select All Credit Card: Selects the Credit Card register in the sidebar (vertical pixels will need to be modified for your file)

Find In Register: Places cursor in the find field, then toggles the magnifying glass icon to select a specific field to search

Rest Filters and Search: Resets the register filters and search field

Show Inspector: shows the inspector window

Select All Investments & Update Quotes: selects the investment register and triggers a quote download

Filter Last Download: Invokes the Last Downloaded Filter (can be modified for other filters)

Mark As Reviewed: Marks a transaction or selection of transactions as reviewed.

Thanks for sharing, have you updated any macros for 2020? I just finally made the jump from Quicken Home and Business for Windows after almost 20 years. Keyboard Maestro seems to respond slow to Quicken on the Mac which I have never seen happen. If I enter the sequence of commands manually it works much faster. I have even added delays and semaphore locks with no success.

Don't know how I missed this question from a year and a half ago. Sorry. My current Quicken macro group is attached.

Quicken Macros.kmmacros (2.2 MB)

Hey Adam,


Quicken 2017 for Mac Macros - #3 by RickO

If you haven't seen it already.


Thanks @RickO and @ccstone I will check it out.