Quicklook MIDI Macro (v9.0.5)

Quicklook MIDI.kmmacros (14.0 KB)
New version. Attempts to work only for .MID and .WAV files. All other files should use default Quicklook.

Hello, I've been trying to replicate the much-lamented Quicklook action for MIDI files. After setting VLC as the default app for .MID files, I can use the attached macro to fire up VLC by pressing the Space key. So far, so good. The problem comes when I try to detect when VLC has stopped playing the clip. The code sort of works in that VLC is quit several seconds later, but I was hoping for a speedier termination.

Any clues, anyone?

[UPDATE] I've just noticed that by a complete fluke (aka something I've done wrong!) VLC terminates as soon as I move the mouse or touch the keyboard. This is not an unwelcome development, but I would love to understand why this is happening, and it would be nice if my original intention of keeping VLC open only while the clip is playing could still happen.

[UPDATE 2] The sensitivity to the mouse/keyboard seems to be related to the "Find Image on Screen" action. If I change the theming of VLC to a dark theme, obviously the "Find Image..." doesn't work, but VLC no longer quits if I touch the mouse or keyboard.

[UPDATE 3] Actually, I'm quite happy with the way this has turned out. In fact, I seem to stumbled upon an entirely acceptable workflow, because VLC seems to terminate when I press any key or make a mouse movement. This means I can cursor down though a list of .MID files in Finder (Total Finder in my case with the visor locked), press space to listen to the MIDI file, and then cursor down when I want to quit VLC, and then cursor down again to move to the next file. This is very useful when I'm ploughing through a list of 100s of MIDI drum tracks trying to audition a beat :wink: I'd still like to know why it's happening, though...

I've been trying to find a solution to re-enable MIDI quicklook since it was removed, but have since given up and resorted to just using a dedicated MIDI file player - this one is pretty solid. MIDIPlayer X | MethodRed

This seems interesting tho!