Quickly Assign (Or Remove) an Event Category in Fantastical

At work, we use Office 365, but I use Fantastical to manage my calendar. Because scheduling assistant requires that all my meetings be on a single calendar, I’ve recently started using categories to color-code different types of meetings. I’ve figured out a way to do this quickly in Fantastical.

First, I set up Fantastical-specific keyboard shortcuts in system preferences. (I also set up a shortcut for “none” so I can quickly remove categories.)


The shortcut won't work on a selected calendar event unless it's in edit mode. That's where KM comes in:

Two examples attached - enjoy!

assign FOCUS TIME as event category.kmmacros (5.4 KB)
remove event category.kmmacros (3.2 KB)

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Hey there, thanks for sharing!

I don’t use Fantastical myself, but does the OPT-CMD-F keystroke trigger a menu item? If so, you could likely use the select a menu item action so you don’t have to worry about assigning keyboard shortcuts in system preferences.

Also, I’m curious why you assigned the KM hotkey as the same key combination that you assigned to Fantastical in the system preferences? Again, I don’t use this app so I’m likely just missing something. :sweat_smile:


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OPT-CMD-F does not trigger a keyboard shortcut, and there are no pre-assigned keyboard shortcuts for categories in Fantastical. I figured that if I used the same keyboard shortcut for the macro as I did for the category it would simply be one less thing to remember. (Originally I’d planned to use one shortcut to open a palette, but this ended up being shorter.)

Does that help?