Quickly Expand The Selection To A Given Letter

An even earlier approach I tried was exactly this. And yes, I created over 20 simple macros by copying and changing the hotkey manually for each copy. It uses up a whole lot of hotkeys. Jim S uses that approach in his Desktop Spaces macros:

I tried it. I didn't like it. His approach works fine for up to 9 or 10 desktop spaces but I had 21 and it was too hard to find a consistently patterned set of hotkeys that didn't have unwanted side effects like being something I wanted to use and couldn't redefine or being something where a mistyped hotkey had unpleasant results.

I still don't know if my approach will work for the original problem in this thread. Your other question about selecting from a Prompt With List menu is exactly what I was doing. Here it's a different context, and I haven't wrapped my mind around your actual problem yet.

Thanks @August, I'm afraid of that effect too. I was planning to add a timer to disable the enabling too. Besides that, I've built in several disabling actions already.

But the approach of a a dedicated group that gets activated for one action only, is probably way better (safer). I'll have a look at that. Noticed the action for the first time yesterday, but missed the click in my brain.