Quit Kap by clicking the menu bar icon while holding a modifier

I use this app called Kap to record stuff on my screen and what is a bit annoying is that there's no way to quit the app, unless we click the icon and then click another sub menu, then click Quit.

I have another app for BPM counting that quits when we click it while holding OPTION.

Is this possible to achieve using KM?

Possible? Yes, but a lot more trouble than it's worth, IMHO.

As it would be triggered by a mouse click, it would be running very often, then aborting if the mouse isn't currently within a certain portion of the screen etc.

When you click the menu bar icon, can you use cmd-Q to quit?

I see that Kap is built using Electron (rather than being a native Mac application) and so KM may not be able to control its menus.

If command-Q is not available, that seems an oddity that you might raise with the developer.

If all else fails, you could stop the app running with something like kill -9 Kap inside an Execute a Shell Script action.


It is available only when you click the menu and it opens the menus to start the screenshot


I think maybe the developer's goal is to just click the icon and start working on the app, but I will contact them and suggest at least a modifier to open the menu right away.

Yes this seems to be th best option for now. Thank you for your suggestion

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No, when I click the icon it loads the app's "tools", but the menu bar at the top still shows whatever app I was using, for example Safari, so when I hit CMD+Q, it quits Safari.

I think I will use what @kevinb suggested and also let the developer know about it, maybe they can implement a modifier to open the menu.