Quit Spotify and Sleep Macro (v10.2)

Quit Spotify and Sleep Macro.

I use this macro whenever I step away from the computer and want to listen to music in another room.

There's a common issue that when Spotify is running on the Mac, it pauses every 5 seconds on your iPhone (due to a bug).

If you are also experiencing this, feel free to use it! This was the solution for me, as there isn't a clear-cut solution to this bug from Spotify at this moment.

Quit Spotify and Sleep.kmmacros (2.2 KB)

Just a thought: this is a perfect candidate for a Remote Trigger invoked by an iOS Shortcut.


To expound on what @avtraino said, you could even use a iOS Shortcut to execute the macro via that Remote Trigger when you open Spotify on your phone.

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I created a shortcut to open the URL, it works great.

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