Quit Torrent App

Some torrent apps in Windows, such as uTorrent and BitTorrent, can quit themselves automatically when downloads complete. Unlike Mac, the same torrent apps don’t show that feature. Folx app in Mac provides that feature but I don’t prefer it and it doesn’t apply that feature properly either. It shows a countdown dialogue that can’t be disabled!

Notes might be relevant:
1- My default torrent app is BitTorrent.
2- I use a folder named “Torrents” that can empty itself when torrent downloads complete by transferring completed downloads to a different folder.
2- When “Torrents” folder is empty, I don’t keep the torrent app running. In other words, I only launch the torrent app when I need to download torrent files.
3- I use Hazel app to launch the torrent app automatically when “Downloads” folder has a torrent file in it.

If there’s an action in KM or any other automation that can mimic that feature in Mac I would be happy to know it.

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Hey Ali,

You could have a global macro that notices when BitTorrent launches that activates another global macro with a periodic trigger that looks to see if your downloads folder is empty once every few minutes.

Once the folder has been empty for x minutes it could quit BitTorrent.

There might be other attributes of BitTorrent that indicate it is working or idle too.

In any case I think you task is quite doable.


First, you can create a macro in Keyboard Maestro that uses the Quit A Specific Application action to quit your torrent app. With that in place, you can create a Hazel rule to watch for when your Torrents folder is empty, and when Hazel sees that the folder has nothing in it Hazel can run an AppleScript to launch the Keyboard Maestro macro you already created. All told, it looks something like this:

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