Random Issues with KM on New M1 MacBook Pro with Ventura

So I moved to the new 2021 M1 Pro with Ventura.

Most of time KM works ok with my existing Macros but there are numerous cases that it stopped working sometimes and I can't figure out why.

One example – for some image recognition Macros I re-captured the the image as needed, but most of time I have to set the blur to very high in order to make it work.

Still 10-20% of time it doesn't work. While it almost worked perfectly in my old 2018 MacBook Pro Big Sur.

There are a few cases that "security input" come into the way and need a reboot of the Mac to fix it.

Does anyone have similar issues and how do you possible solve them?


Hey Henry,

My best guess is that you need to turn β€œReduce Transparency” on.

This is Mojave – the Ventura settings are a little different...


You may want to read through other Ventura issues as well:


You could be having permissions problems with the new macOS on a new Mac.

You could also have caused some issues when you migrated if you had any macros dependent upon persistent data.


Thanks @ccstone. Both reduce motion and transparency have been checked.

I know using image recognization is kind of tricky, there could be much better solution for my use cases. What I am trying to do is trigger a Macro when the below password prompt window popup from system settings (for example, enable an app for Full Disk Access):


Similarly when below prompt popup from Safari:


What is the reliable way to detect this?


This is very unnatural...

How are you capturing and storing the images?

How are you triggering these to activate?

I use cmd+shift+4 to capture images to PNG format. Below is the macro. The macro group is set to only available in "System Preferences" application.

trying unlock.kmmacros (33 KB)
Keyboard Maestro Export

Capturing images to a file and then dragging the file into the found-image action tends to be a problem.

Use Cmd-Shift-4 and hold down the Control key when you capture the image. That saves the image to the clipboard, and you can paste it into the found-image action from there.

This method very often solves resolution problems that people have with found-images.

I don't have Ventura to test with, but I think it unlikely that your macro could work, given that the confirmation dialogs are system dialogs and not windows attached to the System Settings app.

Keyboard Maestro can't even see those dialogs as windows...

I think your best bet is probably manual activation with a hotkey trigger when one of these dialogs pops up.

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Thanks for the tip for capture image to clipboard.

Is there a way for KM to detect if a button is clicked? For example – trigger a macro when the app is in System Preference and button "+" is clicked.

This is ok, since the image detection action can be set to "in all screens".


Unfortunately the macOS is not attachable, and very few apps are. The only one I know of these days is BBEdit, and I think it only makes menu items attachable.

Right – but your example macro was tied to a System-Preferences macro group.

Also – you don't want a found-image macro sitting and waiting constantly for a found image to appear – it's too resource intensive.

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