Randomly Select Text to Be Pasted

Here is the scenario. I am attempting to send a message to multiple people. To prevent spam issues I want to have KM cycle through numerous messages (let's say 5) =. How can I best accomplish this?

To be honest, it sounds like you're the one doing the spamming. So some people may be hesitant to help you. I'm still debating whether to help you or not. But since it isn't clear what you mean by "sending a message" I will ask you for clarification. Which KM action are you trying to send a message with? Is it the SMS action, or the MAIL action, or something else? We don't want to see any names, email addresses or phone numbers in your macro, but if you could remove them from a copy of your macro and show us a screenshot of what you're trying to do, it could help us find the best solution for you.

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I'm at the office at the moment and my apple computer is at home. I am using "insert text by paste" as the action to send current clients marketing messages. I use Google Messages tied to my business cell number. The message content is typically billing reminders, appointment confirmations, happy birthday/holiday messages, etc.

That's starting to sound legit, (i.e., "current clients") so I think some people may be willing to help now.

Google Messages is a text messaging app, right? If I can't see how your code is using that app, I can't give you a particularly appropriate modification to fix your problem. I'd rather fix your problem then write up an entire solution for you. This means you should upload your code (when you get home), but please remove any personal names/numbers so that we don't see such details.

Despite saying all that, here's a partial solution that you might be able to adapt to your needs...


Sorry for the miscommunication/lack of clarity.

Yes that is correct Google Messages allows my to send a text message with my cell number using their web based platform paired with their app with my android phone.

The sequence of actions is very basic. Simply copy the phone number and name from one tab (Google Sheets), switch to the other tab (Google Messenger), click found image, paste number, paste message, hit enter, repeat. I will see if I can remote into my mac mini and grab a copy

I have used RAND previously with great success on "wait" actions so the solution you provided looks very helpful thank you!

That adds some clarity, but if you want the best solution for your needs, and if my sample code above isn't enough, then showing the code would really help.

EDIT: I see you've just uploaded something. But I also have to eat lunch. Cya later.

Enjoy and thank you for your help!

You've passed my legitimacy test. There's nothing wrong with people sending annual messages to their business contacts. So I can help you. Inside your macro you have an Insert Text action, and I think the solution you want is simply to replace that with a Switch statement as follows:


You can insert as many Switch clauses as you like (even a Santa Clause, if you like.) And you can edit their contents in the Insert Text action above.

Is this an acceptable solution?

P.S. I've never used named clipboards like you are doing here, so I presume you've tested that that part works.

That is a great solution! Thank you so much! This should help give enough variety in the messages to prevent further telecom issues.

The named clipboard works very well actually. I have used it for a number of things such as how much their payment is or when the due date is.

P.S. I misspelled "Calculate" in my macro above. Make sure you fix that. And if you add more than 3 choices, make sure you change the number 3 in the Calculate token.

Beautiful! You're the best