Re-dating legacy Photos

Most of the photos I am scanning have previous dates from decades ago, going back as far as mid-eighteen hundreds. Is this software able to change the "original" date so that when it is imported into picture grouping software, like "Photos", it will retain that date?
Thank you for the assistance.

Hey Larry,

See the Set File Attribute Action.

This also may help:

Problem - How to change creation and modification date of selected files?


If the file date itself isn't sufficient, you might look at ExifTool's Date Shift command to record the date of the photo instead of the scan.

You can run the command in Terminal, no need for Keyboard Maestro.

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ExifTool is not installed on macOS by default, and installing and running from the Terminal is too much for many Mac users.

Fortunately the users on the Keyboard Maestro Forum are not average.

ExifTool can be run from Keyboard Maestro in addition to the Terminal and other methods, so @Atl30068 don't be scared off by apparent complexity.

We'll help you if you need it.


Thank you for the quick response

Thank you for the quick response