Re: Don’t “upgrade” to Mojave beta 4

Peter, thanks for the workaround for the latest Mojave beta. I'm on the public beta. Only issue here is that the KM Engine from this workaround keeps taking up more and more memory, into the gigabytes. Any way to prevent this?



I have had a couple people email support recently about Keyboard Maestro Engine taking up a lot of memory, which usually indicates a memory leak of some sort, but I don't know what. I had not put together that it might be Mojave-specific. So maybe there is a bug in Mojave (or Keyboard Maestro Engine’s interaction with Mojave, or even related to the other bugs in Mojave) that results in the memory growing endlessly.

A quick check makes it look like Keyboard Maestro Engine/Mojave does simply sit there slowly ticking up memory even while doing nothing. Not particularly fast, perhaps a MB/minute but still that is clearly not good.

I'll take a look and see if I can figure out what is going on. Since it is Mojave Beta-specific, it may well be a bug or even a lack of optimisation in the beta.

Thanks, Peter. Yeah, good point that it's the same app, just a different OS. I hate to waste your time if it's just a possible bug in a beta OS.

This memory leak appears resolved in Mojave (Developer Betas 5 / Public Betas 4).

At least in a quick check, the slow tick upwards of memory does not happen. There may be other issues I have not seen or that require more than just an idle engine to generate, if so please report them.

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Thanks for the update. I don't see a public beta update available yet, but I'll look out for it.

I believe the public beta usually comes out a delay later. I hope that's correct anyway. These different levels of betas are confusing.

Yeah. They start coming out at the same time after a while. I guess it depends on stability.

Yup. All good for me in the latest beta. Thanks!


When I rebooted my high Sierra machine to install developer beta 1, the KM engine from v7 was using 12GB if ram. My machine had been up for maybe a month. I didn’t worry too much about it.

And with Developer Beta 6, the system is now asking for permission to control Safari or Chrome (and probably other applications) every single time that Keyboard Maestro tries to control them (actually, it asks twice each time), making such control pretty much untenable.


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You probably already know about this, but maybe this is the reason:

And (maybe) this is the patch that's effecting Keyboard Maestro:

Mojave Developer Beta 9 (18A377a) appears to resolve the issues with Keyboard Maestro.

If you know of any remaining issues in Mojave Developer Beta 9 (which I believe is the same as Public Beta 8), please report them immediately.