Read File to Clipboard - PDF Gets Converted to Image When Pasted

I have a macro that reads a pdf I want to copy/paste into chat windows, emails, texts but it always turns it into an image instead.

How can I fix this?

It'll help if you post your macro, or at least an example one that shows the problem -- instructions on how to post here.

It isn't clear from your post how you "read a PDF" (note that the KM action is for "text or image" files, and I'm guessing a PDF is treated as an image), or what you want to paste (text, the file itself), and any solution may be dependent on the app you are pasting into.

There is an action to open the Clipboard History Switcher.
When that opens, go to your copied PDF, and use the gear icon to select OCR.
That might do the trick.

Instead of trying to "read" the file just do the below, followed by a normal paste.

(This will paste the actual PDF into an email rather than just the path - try it and see).

EXAMPLE Copy PDF to Clipboard ready to Paste.kmmacros (1.8 KB)