Realtime recording and playback of keys and mouse

I have about 450 macros in my Keyboard Maestro. I've relied heavily on it for many years. It's the best piece of software on the Mac, without a doubt! I would love one feature that it seems to be lacking: I'd like to be able to record keyboard and mouse actions for realtime playback. There is an app called Repeater (in the app store) that does exactly what I'd like. It plays back mouse movement and keypresses in the exact same timing/pace that you originally recorded in. I can use Repeater for this, but being able to record a quick macro for realtime playback via Keyboard Maestro would make my day.

Noted. It would produce a very ugly macro that alternated action/Pause all through it (as well as stopping the combination of keypresses into single Insert Text by Typing actions).

But I will add it to the list.

Done for the next version.


This is exciting! Thanks for the update.

So excited to wake up to this feature being available in the v9 release! Thanks Peter!

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For anyone else that finds this issue, the updated manual explains how to use this new feature (option-click the clock button in the recording menu).

Also, here’s my video tutorial on how to use the Recorder:

Thanks, I was coming on to the forum to ask this very question! It's the one feature I missed from QKeys. I've already been using recorded macros in KM, but didn't realize there was an added option to make it real-time! I find that branching to a real-time macro can solve some tricky UI situations.