Recognize cursor type?

Need my macro to pause at a specific location on a web page until the cursor changes from arrow to hand, at which time the location becomes a button that can be clicked. Sometimes the page loads fast, sometimes it loads slow; it would therefore be maximally efficient if Keyboard Maestro could somehow recognize when the cursor changed.

Fortunately the current macro where I need this capability is one that requires me to monitor things and enter keystrokes manually, so I can just watch for the hand to appear and enter a keystroke to tell the macro to continue.

There is no way for Keyboard Maestro to detect the cursor shape.

There might be some way to detect the page load status via JavaScript, but that would require delving in to the page to figure out.

Okay thanks - good to at least have my hunch confirmed. It would be a nice feature to add then. Pretty sure Winbatch is able to detect cursor shape, but that’s of course in a different OS.