Recommendation for good video tutorials on Keyboard Maestro (preferably free)?

I know there are many tutorials out there but just wondered if some of the more experienced users might care to weigh in on some good video-based ones?


just ask what you'd like to do/learn!
regulars are happy to help

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I'll let others judge how good they are, but I do have a few:
JMichaelTX - YouTube Channel

Please feel free to rate and comment on any of my videos.

And my Keyboard Maestro Playlist - YouTube .

There is significant overlap between these two lists.



Have you thought about doing a KM master class? Like a YouTube live stream. Maybe with @DanThomas, @gglick, @ComplexPoint, @Tom, @ccstone etc. You may not have thought about it - but I have! You guys would be even more awesome. I just thought I’d sling that out there since I haven’t seen anyone else beg, I mean ask. No pressure but pressure. :smiley:



I found David Spark's guide well worth the money. I am big fan of @JMichaelTX of course. JM was a big help to me at an early stage. I have found that my use is quite specialized and has an odd combination of quite complex macros and very simple ones. Some of it hard to get from any particular source. That is the challenge with Keyboard Maestro I have found. You have to just work with it.


Just saw the 18 minute preview for David Spark's guide, looks good- I'll buy it and give it a whirl over the next few days, thanks for the lead!