Record and play at the same speed it was recorded. Insert pauses in between actions automatically

Sometimes I have to do mundane tasks that I wish I could automate with KM. I can hit record and capture all actions, but having to insert pauses between each step makes it not worth the time.

My suggest is to have KM be mindful of the time between interactions. So if I hit record, then click something at location A, then clicked something else at location B 3s later, KM would insert the 3s pause in between automatically.

This would be super useful and would make me use KM much more than I already do.

Thank you for considering.

In theory a user could then remove the pauses themselves for things that can be done immediately

I suggest a checkbox next to the record button that would decide whether to record pauses or not. This would be so useful. Think about all the 5-10 min tasks you can automate that today would take 5-10 min to create a macro for.

Currently there is no support for recording the pauses between actions, in large part because that would make for very messy and needlessly slow recorded macros.

As a general rule, you only need a pause in a macro when:

  • You change keyboard focus
  • Something animates
  • The results of an action really do take a long time

For those cases, you can manually add a pause as necessary.

Also, as a general rule, recorded sequences are best used as a starting point for a robust macro, not as a robust macro in itself - without editing, recorded macros are frequently very fragile, and recording the pauses between actions would not really change this. Using higher level macros whenever possible will result in a much more reliable macro.

I will probably add an option to record the pauses between actions at some point, but my feeling is that it will be a net negative overall, with people using it in many situations where there are better solutions.

Yes, it would make it slow, and that is exactly the purpose. That is also why I suggested automatic pauses to be optional.
Yes, you can add manual pauses but that is not the use-case I have described.
You are using a different use-case to justify not adding a feature that would help a different use-case.
It can't be a negative value if it is optional and not turned on by default.

Thank you for considering!

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I seriously wish that were true.

It is on the todo list.