Record audio without opening any audio application [SOLVED]

Trying to create a macro to use in Obsidian to record audio and add it to a note.
Obsidian has a plugin that does this, but for some reason that I don't understand, because it seems to be something technical, when I use it on the Mac, the file format is .webm, which the iPhone doesn't read, but when I use it on my iPhone, it records as .m4a, which both devices read.

I would like to create a macro that records audio without using any external app, similar to how Obsidian records it, save that audio to a specific folder inside the Obsidian vault/directory, and then pastes the path into Obsidian. The format would be mp3, preferably, but if there's a solution that is only possible with wav, so be it.

I was able to find a solution using something I've been using a lot for other macros: ffmpeg.
This solution answered my question:

I had the same thought recently and made a shortcut that works on my iPhone:

It's accessible from the share sheet in the Notes app.

I'm still on Catalina, so I can't use Shortcuts here... :confused:

But also, you mention the Notes app. I don't use Notes anymore, only Obsidian.
I use Notes for quick notes when the iPhone is locked, because it's in the Control Center, so it's super fast compared to Obsidian, but then every night I have a macro to convert them to .md files and delete from Notes.

It's for iOS, but fair enough if you don't use Notes.

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Oh ok... I thought it was for MacOS

Yeah I wanted to use Notes, but too many things I would need it to have, plus it's not easy to backup everything, and being able to backup all my stuff is a must. :slight_smile: