Record Macro as Keystrokes Instead of Text

Is it possible to record macro as Keystrokes (with press and hold function, with delays between keystrokes recorded, etc.) instead of 'Insert Text'?

Whenever I try to record a long macro, instead of individual Keystrokes I get Text entry.

Hey @stillife,

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You've answered your own question...

Recording in Keyboard Maestro is very hit or miss, and you have to understand the software well enough to be able to rearrange things to work as you intend.


Hi Chris!
I understand that I need to understand the software, alright. I've been using Keyboard Maestro since 6 years or so. But now I faced the necessity to create a really long macro routine. Hence the question.

And the answer is no – you can't record that.

If you need to create a massive number of keystroke actions you can do so with AppleScript rather than manually creating them.