Recording Not Working

Hi! The recording feature stops after recording just one step. I've done the following:

  • Added both KM and KM Enging in all the Accessibility/Permissions I can find
  • Toggle those permissions off/on again
  • Quitting Keyboard Maestro
  • Restarting Mac
  • Check for updates
  • Searched any past posts regarding this issue
  • Try the Quick Record/Quick Record Macros (same result)

Any ideas on how to resolve?

Check the Interactive Help to see if there is anything reported as problematic.

Check for any warning triangles in the editor.

Check the Engine.log and Editor.log for anything reported there (Help ➤ Open Logs Folder).

If it records one step and then stops, that is quite weird. And that it happens for regular recording and quick macro recording.

Do you have Macro Syncing enabled?

No problems reported. No warning triangles in the editor.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary within the Engine.log and Editor.log files.

I do not have Macro Syncing enabled.

I've also reset all permissions many times over.

I might need to have someone remote log on and view my setup.

Not sure if submitting a support ticket will remedy anything, but not sure what else to try!

I'm assuming you are talking about the View / Record menu item.

I'm curious... does that mean the red button in the KM Editor (and the pop-up window) turns off (disappears), or does that mean that it stays on while just not registering any activity? Either of these could result in the description of "stops recording after just one step."

If the former, my first plan would be to see if any other macros, including hotkeys and periodic triggers, are somehow doing something to turn off the recording. In order to test that, I would disable all groups manually and try recording. If the problem still exists, then it isn't interference from any macro.

Correct, it stops and disappears.

SOLVED: Wow, I can't believe it's fixed. As you said...this was something I thought as well, however I originally just did a scan of everything to see if there were any trigger hotkeys with an "R" and didn't see any. But after this mention, I went ahead and actually disabled all macros. magic, it works...

Here's the interesting part - I started enabling chunks at a time and testing again, assuming I would discover the culprit. Now that everything is enabled as it originally was, the record function still works great.

If I had to guess, maybe there's a macro that runs indefinitely and disabling it actually aborted that disruptive macro. If the problem persists in the future, I'll try to disable in smaller increments to see what did it.

Thank you for the help!

Disabling a macro does not cancel any existing running macros. Nor does changing a macro.

Plus you mentioned the issue survived restarting, which would definitely cancel any macros.

The Engine.log file would show any macros being triggered.

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You are welcome. I was only 20% sure that my idea would solve your problem, and then, when it failed, I'd be politely blamed for wasting a lot of time. But if something only takes a minute to test, it's worth testing, even for only 20% chance of solving the problem.

It doesn't really matter what the correct diagnosis is, if you are happy. My guess is that you didn't re-enable the troublesome macro or macro group. But again, there's only a 20% chance that I'm right about this.

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