Red Growing Circle


I have made new status menu icon.
It keeps with my theme of making it distinct, so it is easy to see when a macro is running.
Therefore the red colour.

To install it, you need to download this zip-file:

Drag the zip-file onto Keyboard Maestro.
Make sure the status menu icon is selected in preferences.


I usually would only ‘like’ something like this to keep the post clean. But wanted to say THANK YOU, it’s very difficult for me and co-workers to tell when a macro is running.
Always wanted to ask about making the display more obvious.
This is excellent!


They are not that hard to make for me, so if you have any ideas for others like this, please just send them to me.


Jimmy – This is a grand thing! Simple to install, and it works great. Very obvious out of the corner of the eye. One question – I’m one of those guys who is always looking for an exit! ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Is there any way to reverse this should the need every arise?


You can select the style of the status icon in the Keyboard Maestro General preferences.