Reducing KM size

I've been reading on here about KM saving all the macros as a single file, and there's the potential to slow things down if that file gets to large.
So - does it make sense to move all the single action "Select Menu" shortcuts to the Apple Keyboard Shortcuts?
And if so, does it make a difference to simply disable the shortcuts in KM, or would I need to delete them to make any difference?

(I have about 1500 macros, maybe 100-150 are simple "Select Menu Item")

At that level I don't think you need to have any immediate concerns.
I have > 2,800 macros, and KM performs well for the most part. Of those, ~700 are in my "Examples" Group, where I store macros I've developed in response to questions here in the Forum.
The only slowdown I sometimes see is in the KM Editor. The execution of the Macros seem to run as fast as always.

I doubt that your simple Select Menu macros have a significant impact.

For the long term, here are the things I suggest that everyone do:

  • Do not use custom or pasted icons -- always set using the KM Icon Chooser
  • Do not store a lot of images, even they are small, in your Macros, including Comment Actions. As much as possible store the images in files, and then use the file path in your macro.
  • Do not store a lot of large images, or a large number of small-medium images, in your KM Clipboard History. This has had the biggest impact on performance I have seen.
    • Best to keep your Clipboard History as small as you can. It is NOT the place for long term storage. Save these images to files.
  • If you have a lot of disabled Macros that you no longer user, then back them up (export as .kmmacros file), and then delete the Macro. Although it is easy and convenient to just export all of these macros to one file, I'd suggest a separate file for each. This makes it easy to find and restore a specific macro. You can also then easily find them using the macOS Spotlight search.
  • Disable all Macro Groups that you do not routinely need.

There are probably some other things you can do, but those are the major ones that come to mind.


ah - I'm running a bunch of palette groups with custom icons.
I'm using them as GUIs without any text, but maybe that's what is slowing things down. hmmm.