Reducing the Number of Saved Clipboards

For what its worth I found I was getting too many saved clipboards and wanted to clean up several of them that I made or were imported from others that could share things like my “Temporary Clipboard 1” or “Temp Clipboard 2.”

I just went into my clipboard and one by one changed each one to a name I knew I would not have in any macros, something like “Billy Bob.” Then, thanks to the greatness of Peter, all the macros that referenced that clipboard change to the new name of the clipboard. In the Keyboard Maestro Editor with the “All Macros” smart group selected, I had a search for “Billy Bob” and every macro that used that clipboard. I went through and changed the referenced clipboard for macros that populated that clipboard within the run macro to one of my temp clipboard and cleaned out several unnecessary clipboard clutter that had built up over time.

Probably obvious to many but thought I’d post anyway for people like me that miss the seemingly obvious.


Not sure if this is a search bug or not but for some reason this macro was not finding the used clipboard.

Paste Horizontal Line (Rich Text).kmmacros (39.3 KB)

I had the all group selected and the macro was in the All Macros group. The picture below is getting cut off but downloading it shows the entire picture that the search is "Bigboybob" which is the name of the used clipboard in "Paste Horizontal Line (Rich Text)" macro.

Keyboard Maestro was kind eneough to tell me that it was used in a macro and I was thankfully able to track it down among 1,397 macros.

Also is the "Default Clipboard" mandatory? I also can't seem to find all the macros that reference that clipboard when I rename it. I tried to delete it when I didn't find anything using it but it gavem the the warning "Named Clipboard in Use."

It is a search bug - actions within Switch statements were not being searched.

Fixed for the next version.


Thanks for the fix Peter.