Reeder Script?

Total newb, but is there any way KM can tell which folder of RSS feeds I’m in when using Reeder? I wanted to create a macro that did a slightly different action based on the folder the item is coming from.

Reeder doesn’t have an Apple Script library, but I was wondering.

Not as far as I know (though other KM experts may know better).

I use a combination of web-based Feedly and IFTTT to automate actions for RSS feeds.

In IFTTTif article is tagged with [tag] in feedly then [save article / some parts of article / arbitrary text to dropbox or evernote | publish to blog | etc]



I was looking to do a process like the following.

Take selected article, hit a KM macro to open Save to Pinboard extension

Make some specified text transformation adjustments to the fields therein.

Tag based on the folder.

Anyone else think it is possible?