Regex Behaving Globally?

I'm trying to make a Search and Replace function that takes the clipboard, containing the definition of a word from, and removes everything between the end of the first word and the first colon.

Using, set to be non-global and non-multi-line as per
RegEx: Global and Wiki, this appears to work:


BUT – the result the KeyboardMaestro function gives comes out different—


I'm stumped. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Could you do two matches, then join them?

  • first word to var1
  • everything after and including first colon to var2
  • set var3 to var1var2
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Thank you, that's a good idea– I think it would fix this, I just wonder if there's some larger gap in my knowledge here about how RegEx work in KeyboardMaestro, as I use them for several things.

It would help to see your macro. Sometimes, subtle changes can make a regex produce very different results.

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Thank you! This prompted me to discover there is a First Match setting in the RegEx function:


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