RegEx Help Needed (Probably Easy)

Hi guys,

I tried several things using regular expression but no "luck". I am hoping for a quick help by you.

What's the aim?
My aim is to use the "Search Text and save to variable" feature. With the new set variables, I want to open - based on my choice [Prompt with List] - the specific url. I have build everything, though I struggle with the regular expressions.

What's the text?
The text looks like this:
0. Overview,;

  1. Google Website,;
  2. Amazon Products,;
  3. Lists,;

The text follows the following pattern:
a number (up to 100) + any amount of words until "," --> an URL until ";"

Ideally it would then set the new variables to the following:
1: [varname] local__choice1 to "0. Overview"
2: [varname] local__url1 to ""
3. [varname] local__choice2 to "1. Google"
4: [varname] local__url2 to ""

I am trying different Regular Expression but the Filter does not work...

Anyone knows how to do it?
Thanks so much!

Show us what you’re trying. And by that I mean upload your macro so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

That's a method, not really an aim -- unless this is a purely academic exercise in using that feature...

It looks like you want a list of URLs and their descriptions that you can use in a "Prompt With List" action. If you look at that action's Wiki page you'll see that you can have a list of the format


...which will be presented in the dialog as the descriptions ("Overview", "Google"...) after the double-underscore, but the choice(s) returned will be the URL(s) before the double-underscore.

No regex required.

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Hey Michael, I think this Regex will work.


Thank you so much! Excellent. That works the way I want it!