Regex to replace all spaces for returns


I have a long string of words separated by spaces. I'd like to be able to replace each space with a return character. For example,

here are some words



Is I where using Swift/Python/etc. I'd use a global/multiline search and replace regex (/g). Am I missing the obvious way to this with KM?

Thanks in advance!

Then you'd be using regex needlessly, as this is a straightforward exchange of one string literal for another.

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Hey @Latency,

In general I prefer to use a regular expression for this sort of job, because invariably there will be more than one space and/or a tab stuck in there somewhere.


RegEx ⇢ Replace WhiteSpace with Linefeeds.kmmacros (5.4 KB)

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Thank you. That is the first thing I tried but I was looking at the result incorrectly. I didn't know about Preferences->Variables. I used a "Display text" actions which always showed it as:

are some words

Thanks again!

Awesome - thank you!