Regular Expressions for replace or paste words without format

I find that when I use the replace action:

The result should be "\Mac\Home",but the "\"lost the first"", the result is :"\Mac\Home"

I guess it is the ''Regular Expressions'' issue maybe. Does anyone know how to fix this?


The interesting thing is even the website still has this issue:

Type “\\\\” to get “\\”

I know in some action has this option to fix the issue:


Is there a Regular Expressions way can do this?

Because \ is a "special character" in a KM text field (and on the web site) you have to "escape" it with a \. So as @tiffle says, to get \\ you have to type \\\\ -- "escape-char actual-char escape-char actual-char".

You can see more special characters, plus examples of how \ can be used as a special character, on the Wiki's "Tokens" page.