Reize/move a window only once

I would like to have a macro that will set a window to a specific size and placement on the screen, but ONLY for the FIRST time the window opens. I would like to open an email, Word document, Finder window, etc. and have it size in a particular place/size - but I want this to happen only the first time I open the item. If I later move/resize the item myself, I do not want it to go back to the original opened place/size.

For example: I can make macro that opens a window (let's say an email) in a specific place/size everything the app comes to the front, but I want to have this happen only the first time the window is opened. If I move the window, go out of the application, then return to it, I do not want the window to move.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

This is easy if you mean the main window of an app you just launched.
Assign a trigger of App Launches to the macro that does the resizing.

If you want this for other windows in an already open app, that will be much more complicated. So I'll stop here for now.

Hi JMichaelTX:

Thanks for the idea, but that does not do what I want.

Here's a scenario:
I open Outlook and the main window comes up (where is appears is fine). I double click an email and it opens in a separate window. I want this email, when it first opens, and only when it first opens, to be in a particular place/size. If I later move/resize it, I don't want the new placement size to change if I leave Outlook and later go back to it.

I will need a similar setup for windows in other apps as well - I want to have documents/specific windows open in particular places/sizes only upon their initial opening - and stay there if I later move/resize them.

So far my work around is a macro that moves/resizes windows when I hit a hot key, but I would like to have the behavior be automatic as in my scenario.

Here's a macro that does much of what you want. Maybe it is enough to get you started:

Move and Set Window Size Per App & Win Name

This is the AppleScript I use to get the size I want.

Set window size

tell application "Finder"
  set the bounds of the first window to {-1060, 158, -290, 594}
end tell

To find what your current window boundaries are:

tell application "Finder"
  get bounds of front window
end tell