Release Mouse Action Has Modifiers?

Why does the Release Mouse Button action have a choice for modifiers? Shouldn't modifiers be specified by the Click and Hold action only? What purpose does this serve?

I'm noticing some weird behavior unless I choose matching modifiers for the click-hold and the release and I don't know if this is expected behavior.


The system remembers what the state of the simulated modifiers are.

So if you want an Option click fully executed, it needs to look something like:

  • Press Option
  • Click Down
  • Click Up
  • Release Option.

So yes, to simulate an option click, with a Press and Hold, and Release, they should be have the Option key down, followed by an Type Modifiers action that releases the Option key.

But if you wanted to press and hold the Option Key, Click Down, the Release the Option Key, then Click Up, that would be a different sequence, and the Click UP would require a different set of modifiers to the Click Down.