Remap control key to F17

Greetings! I seem to be having trouble with what I thought would be simple. I would like to remap the "control" key to the F17 hotkey on my wired mac keyboard. I'm using the Magic Trackpad, and would like to access the pop-up menu by highlighting an item on the desktop and holding down the "remapped" control key so I could do this with one hand. I tried the settings below, but it does not seem to work. Help would be greatly appreciated!


What you have there is "When I press F17, simulate holding down the Control key" which seems like the opposite of what you want.

I'm not sure Keyboard Maestro can do what you want. You might need Karabiner for that.

The solution was simple! In System Preferences/Trackpad, I simply checked "Secondary Click", which is the same as a "right click". That brings up the Finder pop-up menu. Thank you for your response, tjluoma!

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