Remap Eject Key


I'm tired of accidentally hitting the Eject key on my Apple Wired Keyboard.

I've successfully created a macro to Trigger open/close CD/DVD tray with shortcut Shift-Eject, [see below].

HOWEVER, I need to disable the Eject key triggering the open/close, or remap it so that does nothing.

Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.


Have you tried it with simply no modifier keys selected?

This kind of mapping works here for two different wireless keyboards:


However, I don’t have any DVD drive, so I can’t test if it also prevents the key from doing other stuff, e.g. ejecting media.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply and trying to help.

Yeah, I was able to remap the eject key, as you did, below - but it DOESN'T
override the default action of the the Eject key.

Thanks again for the input.

PS - I'm using a wire keyboard, not that it should make a massive difference.

Karabiner comes to mind.

Though, the docs for the old version state that you need the NoEjectDelay component, which doesn’t work on 10.12+

But maybe the current version of Karabiner is able to remap it without that component. Worth a try.

But beware, Karabiner works on pretty low level, and I would only install it if necessary.

Hi Tom,

Thanks so much for the help, much appreciated.

Yikes, I didn't realize that this would require a low-level solution.
As you point out, I don't think it's wise to mess with that, in my particular case.

Thanks again for the clarity.


Well, you can always try it. It has an Uninstall button, which really does what it says (at least with the previous versions I had tried).

I just mentioned the risk of issues, because I literally each time had issues when I tried to use it in the past (I tried it several times over the last decade or so).

But that doesn’t mean that you also will have issues. Your computer setup is different from mine, you are using other third-party software than me, etc. And it seems many people are using it without any issues.

Maybe I’ll also give it a new try, some day…