Remind me every 48 hours (CraigsList adverts)

I post a “permanent” advert on Craigslist’s offering my services as a repair technician. CL allows you to renew the advert if 48 hours has elapsed since 1) it was originally posted or 2) since last renewed.

How can one know if 48 hours has elapsed since I last renewed it without logging in? Could I create a macro (bring up the CL login page?) after 48 hours have passed since I the macro was last launched? (Hmm… maybe that wouldn’t be helpful: the macro might launch when I’m not home and I don’t renew the ad until 6 hours later. Then the next launch of the macro would be 6 hours premature…) Or maybe 48 hours after I click “Post” button on the submission page? Or automate the entire advert renew process?

Has anyone done this before? Suggestions?

Anything would be greatly appreciated.


Not exactly related to Keyboard Maestro but this might help.

Craigslist offers an API (craigslist Bulk Posting Interface) so you can use a script to submit multiple posts at once, but then note that their terms of service specifically state that you can’t use an automated process to create your posts. :thinking:

The API takes in an RSS/XML document with all of the details of the posting. Their API page shows an example Perl script to submit the RSS document.

You could use KM to bring up a dialog to step you through creating the RSS file then have it call the Perl script to submit to CL. If it was successful, have the macro create an “at” job (similar to cron jobs but for one-off jobs) that triggers the macro again 48 hours later.

For other options, a Google search for craigslist auto renew script shows multiple results. A Perl script on Github, a StackOverflow discussion that includes a PHP script, and of course people selling their own software that does this for you.

Good luck