Reminder that KM's URL Schemes are Really Useful! (Go To Group, Go To Macro, and more!)

I was wading through some old code, when I found the following action, which I had totally forgotten about.

This action opens either the Macro or the Group in the KM Editor, based on the UUID:


Here's the text so you can copy it if you need to:


I usually resort to AppleScript to do these sorts of things, but Keyboard Maestro's URL Schemes are really easy to use!


Hey Dan,

Good point. I too usually think AppleScript, when I want to do that.


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Huh, added to the long list of things I never knew about Keyboard Maestro :). I thought I'd replace the AppleScript in my Macro Usage Counter macro with the URL call.

However, after testing, the AppleScript method is much faster, at least on my iMac. It takes about .2 seconds to open a macro via UUID with AppleScript, but anywhere from .4 to .5 seconds to open it via the URL scheme—I'm guessing because the OS gets involved to check for the registered handler for the URL?

So for now, I'll stick to AppleScript—it's not a huge difference, but I'll almost always pick the faster solution, even if it's a bit less elegant.