Reminders notification

I want to make a macro that causes a notification in the "Reminders" app every day at 5:00pm. I want the text of the reminder to show the date from a day, a week, and a month ago:

What I want to know is how to use KM to accomplish this. Should I create a reminder that triggers every day and have KM change the text of the reminder every day? Or should I have KM create a new reminder every day with the pasted text? How would I go about implementing either of these options?


You should be able to script a new reminder like that with AppleScript and have KM run that script every day with a Periodic trigger, but you could also just have KM display a notification with that information every day at 5pm, which seems like it would be simpler. Is there any reason it has to be a Reminders app reminder, or would a KM notification work too?

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I tried using a KM notification, but the problem I ran into with it is that the notification disappears after a few seconds. Additionally, if my laptop is not open at the time when it is triggered, it doesn't appear at all when I open my laptop.

If there were any way to have KM create a persistent alert, I would use that instead.

Have you tried using the Alert action?