Remote URL with iOS Shortcuts App!

My Start Work when I’m at work, the first thing I trigger is the “Start Work” automation, and it produces the following steps.

  1. Make a new note in Sublime Text with a preformatted template
  2. Open my to do list Omnifocus to the Work folder
  3. Opens our work manager to see company wide tasks.
  4. Lastly Reposition the following: Sublime Text, Omnifocus, Safari
  5. Done.

Here's how I use it:

Linking this with the shortcuts app (iOS only), you can make a very simple shortcut that activates the link, and Voila, activating the script with a swipe to widgets on your phone, and click one button. The script is super easy to make, all you need is “url”, and replace the link with the remote url created by Keyboard Maestro, and get Contents of Web Page, to prevent it from opening your Browser on the phone.

1 Step Process:


This is amazing! Thank you for sharing this!

You realize your link is also showing in the summary text of the action?

I'm having difficulty using the Remote Web Trigger and hope someone can provide some advice. My macro works successfully normally and simply disables my VPN and puts my MacBook Pro screen to sleep at night.

Now, I want to trigger the macro by using an iOS shortcut from my iPhone. I have enabled the Remote Trigger on the macro, but I can't get the iOS shortcut actions to trigger the KM macro and I get the following on my iPhone.

I'm using the KM generated URL with the unique IDs and a TriggerValue of ⌃⌥S. I tried the TriggerValue as ⌃⌥S and as well an attempted encoded version using %u2303%u2325S (from here)

I do something very similar, but I don't see the utility of using an iOS device to trigger this type of macro.
I find it easier to just trigger a macro like this when I startup or wake my Mac from sleep.

I put in a Pause of 15 seconds to allow the system to get fully up and running, and to allow systems like DropBox and KM to complete any syncs that may be needed.
Then I present a Prompt of whether to continue or stop the Wake Macro.

Been using this system for years, and I find it works well.

Hello @KM_Panther, give it a try.
I use it daily in my home network or via the iOS hotspot.

This also works for me with Apple Watch but for some reason triggers the Macro twice. Any ideas why?