Remove Duplicate Return Char Macro (v9.2) - not working Regex

Remove Duplicate Return Char Macro (v9.2) - not working Regex

Remove Duplicate Return Char.kmmacros (2.7 KB)

I found this Regex solution in regex101: build, test, and debug regex , but it does not work in Keyboard Maestro...

The replace with value also looks odd there:

What is the leading forward slash for ?

Why are you including both a \r and a \n in the replacements ?

(That might yield a single line space on Windows, but not on macOS, where the default line break is the Unix convention of a single \n)

Because if you look at his action you will see he has CR's and LF's in his data:

0000000    E   s   t   e   r   n   o   r   r   a   f   i   a   .  cr  nl
             7345    6574    6e72    726f    6172    6966    2e61    0a0d
0000020   cr  nl   A   u   m   e   n   t   o  sp   d   a   s  sp   d   i
             0a0d    7541    656d    746e    206f    6164    2073    6964
0000040    m   e   n   s   ?   ?   e   s  sp   d   o  sp   c   o   r   a
             656d    736e    b5c3    7365    6420    206f    6f63    6172
0000060    ?   ?   ?   ?   o   .  cr  nl  cr  nl   S   e   i   o  sp   c
             a7c3    a3c3    2e6f    0a0d    0a0d    6553    6f69    6320
0000100    o   s   t   o   f   r   ?   ?   n   i   c   o  sp   e   s   q
             736f    6f74    7266    aac3    696e    6f63    6520    7173
0000120    u   e   r   d   o  sp   l   i   v   r   e   .  cr  nl  cr  nl
             6575    6472    206f    696c    7276    2e65    0a0d    0a0d
0000140    P   u   l   m   ?   ?   o  sp   e   s   q   u   e   r   d   o
             7550    6d6c    a3c3    206f    7365    7571    7265    6f64
0000160   sp   n   o   r   m   o   t   r   a   n   s   p   a   r   e   n
             6e20    726f    6f6d    7274    6e61    7073    7261    6e65
0000200    t   e   .                                                    
             6574    002e                                                

I explained this to him on another thread. This appears to be a duplicate post.

And including both will inevitably produce double lines in the output for macOS. (linefeed followed by carriage return)

Single space normalized text for macOS can't have both.

Absolutely agree with you though that over-posting weakens the signal-to-noise ratio on the forum, and may even increase @peternlewis's hosting costs.

Good to:

  • minimize the bulk, self-reference, and reading time
  • maximize the problem-solving focus.

This is not necessarily true.

Text on the Mac is extremely confused as to line endings.

Traditional Mac OS was carriage return line endings (\r).

Modern Mac OS is generally line feed line endings (\n), however text on the clipboard remained with carriage return line endings much longer.

It is rare that DOS style carriage return&linefeed (\r\n) is used. But not unheard of, and should not result in doubled lines.

Linefeed followed by carriage return (\n\r) is never valid.

Any well behaved software should deal with text with any self-consistent line endings in any of the three styles (\n, \r, or \r\n).

For output, on modern Mac OS, I would recommend just line feed.


@Pedro.Carmo If I'm not mistaken /g (global) is also not supported by KM. Search the forum for the For Each action.

Hey @Pedro.Carmo,

Your forward-slash syntax is not supported by Keyboard Maestro:


That's for scripting languages like Perl and JavaScript.

Nor are the 'g' and 'm' switches supported in the text.

However multiline can be turned on in the regular expression itself:


Global is on by default in KM's find/replace action, but that can be modified using the action's gear menu options (or contextual menu).