Remove Specific Text String Before Pasting

I routinely have to copy and paste UNIX file paths, however I would like to strip away (remove) a specific set of characters from the start of the line of text. In other words:

  • copy text
  • remove character string
  • paste

appreciate the help.

Do exactly what you say:

  • Copy
  • Search and Replace Clipboard / Substring of Clipboard
  • Paste

If the removed characters is a fixed length, you can just use Substring of Clipboard to remove the first N characters.

Or if it is a fixed string that does not appear anywhere else, then you can use Search and Replace Clipboard with a simple string.

Otherwise use Search and Replace Clipboard with a regular expression and go wild with that.

Hey Dean,

That's simple.

RegEx { Copy & Replace Text }.kmmacros (2.6 KB)

Best Regards,