Remove the Keyboard Maestro Menubar Icon

Is it possible to remove the keyboard maestro icon from the menubar?

CleanShot 2021-01-24 at 14.23.11@2x

(I have enough icons right there, and i never use it anyway...)

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In the preferences of Keyboard Maestro, go to the General section…

Then select Never from the Display Status Menu options.

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Hey Ben,

As Jim has shown it is indeed possible.

Personally I don't recommend it, although I well understand the icon proliferation problem

I use the Iconoholic Loud icon to get my attention if/when a macro runs overly long, and it's saved my bacon a couple of times.

Along with a global “Kill All Macros” macro with an easy to hit keyboard shortcut.

Nevertheless YMMV.


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Thanks @Jim ! I wouldn't guess it ever :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ccstone ! i get your point, but the thing is i use auto hide menubar (to help me focus) so i wouldn't see it anyway :slight_smile:

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