Removing all right of special Characters with Regex

Hi, I tried to fix this myself but am running into some issues.

I want to delete all text to the right of some special Characters ( "," "/" "-" - etc)

This one \..*$ works at but not in Keyboard Maestro (as an Example for ".")

The intent is to have text that is like

To be turned into XXX

Thanks for your help

Taking the first chunk resulting from a split can simplify the regular expression pattern that is needed.

Perhaps for example, starting with something like this, and adding any further characters that you want to specify as delimiting:

Text until punctuation.kmmacros (4.3 KB)

By default . only matches non-line terminator characters, and $ will match only the start and end of the text. So in



will not match because the .* only matches until the end of the line, and the $ will only match at the end of the text.

If you wish to match everything from the . onwards until the end of the text, then you need to turn on the s flag option with either: \.(?s:.)* or (?s)\..*.

Note in both cases you don't need the $ (or better \z) because the .* will match everything until the end of the text.